Child & Family Services Inc.


The Lac La Ronge Indian Child & Family Services Agency is made up of a Management team consisting of the Agency Director, Assistant Director, the Program Manager’s, and the Finance Manager. This team, with the guidance of the ICFS Board of Directors, plans, coordinates and implements the delivery of all services and programs within the La Ronge ICFS Agency.

Under the direction of the ICFS Board of Directors, the Agency Director will direct, develop and facilitate the delivery of Child & Family Services Programs within the jurisdiction of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band and be responsible for the overall Agency Management.

Assistant Director
Assumes duties of Director in his/her absence.  Assist the Director to deliver high-quality programming and services. Provides direction for the planning and promotion of program activities and professional development of staff.

Family and Youth Manager
The Family and Youth Manager manages the direct delivery of Child & Family Services, to ensure effective case management and program practices according to the Province of Saskatchewan’s Child and Family Services Act along with the La Ronge ICFS Agency Policy & Procedures manual.

Prevention Service Manager
The Prevention Service Manager is responsible for planning, coordinating, implementing and evaluating projects that are part of the Prevention Program such as the ICFS Family Camp. The PSPM will assist the Director & Assistant Director with community meetings and act as an Interagency Liason to develop community initiatives.

Finance Manager
Oversees the Finance department, the role of the Finance department is to maintain a balanced budget and ensure accountability of all expenditures and revenues.