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Foster Care

The La Ronge Indian Child & Family Services Agency has 2 Foster Care Support Workers.

The ICFS Foster Care Unit oversees:

  • Foster Parent Recruiting
  • Foster Parent Training
  • Home Studies
  • Foster Care Support
  • Therapeutic Foster Care Training
  • Foster Care Payments
  • Supervision of Foster Homes
  • Supervision of Therapeutic Foster Homes

What Is Foster Care?

Foster Care is a part of the holistic protective/prevention services provided to families by the Lac La Ronge Indian Band Child & Family Services Agency (ICFS). These services may require the removal of a child/ren from the parental home to ensure his/her physical and emotional safety. While in care, children are placed in Foster Homes in or near their home communities.

Who can become a Foster Family?
Anyone can apply to become a Foster Family:

  • Single Parents
  • Married Couples
  • Common-Law Couples

Foster Families do not need a lot of money or a big house. What is important is that families have room in their lives for another child.

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